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Kappa cables’ ability to reveal the smooth and realistic qualities of your high fidelity system is really impressive.
They offer you an immediate, natural and dynamic musical emotion, previously reserved to the most elitist products.

Technologies Esprit
Blindage progressif
Available versions
Finition noireFinition blancheModulation asymétrique (RCA)Modulation asymétrique spécifique phono (RCA)Liaison haut-parleurs (type fourche)Liaison haut-parleurs (type banane)

Modulation asymétrique (RCA)Modulation asymétrique spécifique phono (RCA)Interconnect (RCA)

720 strand pure copper conductor
Symmetrical electrical structure
Asymmetrical dielectric
Triple air layer insulation
Air layer partial screening
Connector Esprit EH50rca
Pure copper 5 micron multilayer silver plating

Liaison haut-parleurs (type banane)Liaison haut-parleurs (type fourche)Speaker cable

20 microns silver-plated copper bananas connectors
20 microns silver-plated copper spades connectors
Asymmetrical dielectric on air
720 strand pure copper conductor
Asymmetrical strand construction
Air layer partial screening

Liaison numérique  SPDIF  75 ohms 75 ohm SPDIF digital link

Liaison numérique 110 ohms AES/EBU110 ohm AES/EBU digital link