Esprit Audio


To put it simply, Lumina cables are meant to be the best audio cables available. The results are simply breathtaking.

The artist’s intent is faithfully and naturally reproduced. With uncompromised design and handmade assembling, Lumina cables offer nearly perfect sound reproduction. Dynamic ability, free musicality and undiscovered details are revealed by the transparency of the Lumina cables, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your music collection with a new ear.

Every start, every silence, every melody is an unsuspected musical scene and offers you a captivating experience.

Available versions:
Finition noireFinition blancheModulation asymétrique (RCA)Modulation asymétrique spécifique phono (RCA)Liaison haut-parleurs (type fourche)Liaison numérique (USB)Liaison numérique 110 ohms (AES/EBU / XLR)Liaison numérique 75 ohms (S/PDIF / RCA)Raccordement secteurRampe multiprises

Modulation asymétrique (RCA)Modulation asymétrique spécifique phono (RCA)Interconnect (RCA)

Interconnect (XLR)

Liaison haut-parleurs (type fourche)Speaker cable

Liaison numérique 75 ohms (S/PDIF / RCA)75 ohm SPDIF digital link

110 ohm digital link (AES/EBU / XLR)110 ohm  AES/EBU digital link

Raccordement secteurPower cable

Liaison haut-parleurs (type banane)Liaison haut-parleurs (type fourche)Jumper

Liaison numérique (USB)Digital link (USB)

Liaison numérique (USB)RJ45