Esprit Audio

Introducing Esprit

From the recording to your ears, you have strictly chosen the source, the amplification and the speakers of your high fidelity system. To give you the possibility of making the most of it and to reveal all its musicality, Esprit develops for more than 20 years.

We follow a precise objective: to ensure the carrying of the musical message with the highest fidelity to the original recording. The audio image is more natural and free flowing. The cables act like a real vector of musicality at the heart of your system.
Each range of cables is the result of permanent and methodic search on conductors and insulating components to create the best products. They are subjected to the most demanding tests and listening all along the designing process. The Esprit savoir-faire and skill (including proprietary connectors) are also nourished by a constant dialogue with our customers to find the most musical solutions. Professional reviews are unanimous: Esprit cables clearly show the natural qualities, the harmonic and dynamic richness of your system in an unmatched way. When you listen to your system, Esprit cables reveal all the previously unsuspected emotions of an audiophile sound reproduction in an efficient and balanced system.

Esprit cables are exclusively sold by selected dealers who will lead you to their captivating musicality and will suggest the most suited Esprit solution to your high fidelity system.

We could have offered you the most beautiful cables in the world, sparkling and using the most precious materials of jewelry.
But here, our jewels are not made to be seen but to be listened to, or rather not to be heard, because their silence and their neutrality are the fruits of our vocation : designing and manufacturing instruments of high fidelity, thus very high precision, and a lifetime among the best existing (some of our customers have been using the same cables for over 25 years without even having them upgraded.)
Our only requirement is the same as the one imposed by respect for the musical interpretation and the emotion it brings to concert fans and audiophiles.
The materials we test before rejecting or selecting them, are there only to convey a signal without distortion, without any deformation or any kind of pollution.
After designing its complex structure, each new cable is subjected to the ruthless control of its creator’s ear, and then hand-assembled with a control at each step until its final test for validation.
That is why we decided, more than 30 years ago, to offer you the most discreet cables possible because to our eyes (and especially to our ears), only music matters.

Some basic technical information:

  • An ideal conductor would have the following resistance characteristic: 0 μohm/cm
  • The conductors we use are: Silver: 1.59 μohm/cm and Copper: 1.67 μohm/cm
  • The conductors we did not select are: Gold: 2.35 μohm/cm and Rhodium: 4.51 μohm/cm

They are using ESPRIT cables :